Monday, June 19, 2017

Samsaram (1950) songs

Here Among them a funny song by Relangi ( I do not know who the actual singer is. May be Dakhinamurthy or Relangi) lamenting the loss of his hair: 'nagubatu' The film was remade next year with a different set of actors by Vasan in Tamil and Hindi. Greta Dutt, Talat and others sang in the Hindi version (Sansar 1951) but many tunes are similar to those composed by Susarla Dakshnamurthy in Telugu. One by Talat in the Hindi version:
The Telugu version was possibly the first film of Savitri's and the first line spoken by her seems to be "Nuvvu achu hero Nageswara Rao la vunnave" from Samsaram 1950 M.L. Narasimham.

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