Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Links 13th October

Search for Yield: From VoxEU "An increase in the supply of savings that reduces equilibrium real rates can be associated with an increase in the risk of the banking system. This link can explain the emergence of endogenous boom and bust cycles."

Key member of the Swedish Academy calls for the immediate suspension of the "Nobel Prize for Economics": "Rothstein’s article argues that today with increasing success, economics as commonly taught in universities and endorsed by most winners of the economics prize promotes corruption in societies around the world.  Therefore he concludes that the Nobel Foundation’s awarding the economics prize is “in direct conflict with what Alfred Nobel decreed in his will.”"

What financial advice do experts provide?From VoxEU: "When it comes to financial products, households have limited ability to make a choice and they must rely on the advice of experts, and the more complex the decision, the more this is the case. Often, the expert they rely on for advice is also the supplier of the financial product, so that a conflict of interest may arise and with it the question: Does the expert provide recommendations in the customer’s interest or in his own?"

"You see, money does not exist in the 24th century" by Izabella Kaminska at FTAlphaville (reistration may be needed)

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