Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Mahesh Kathi banned from Hyderabad for six months

It all began after Kathi Mahesh allegedly made derogatory comments against Lord Rama and Sita during a debate on a regional news channel.
Mahesh was participating in a debate about a sedition case filed against rationalist Babu Gogineni, when he said, “For me, Ramayana is just another story…I believe Rama is as much a cheater (dagulbhaji) as he is ideal in that story. And I think perhaps Sita would have been better, might have gotten justice if she had stayed with Ravana. What’s wrong with that?” ” from The news minute. More about  Mahesh Kathi

  • See also  Shambuka story for some of the reasons why some people may not appreciate Rama.

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