Friday, April 27, 2018

Aruna Tella

My efforts to help Aruna Tella in her endeavours seems to be taking some shape. Recently my old friend and her brother in law Nalluri Gopalakrishnaiah demarcated his land in Mangamuru, now essentially a suburb of Ongole, to will to his son. He is willing to advise his son to give some of the land under Aruna’s trusteeship for various ventures like, Short Stay Home, Family Counselling Centre, Centre for women empowerment etc and the family may even help with some of the construction. Jhansi is favourable to donate some money when we sell our house and move to a smaller house. We hope that over the next five years or so, we will be able to do some thing concrete to continue the work and cherish the memory of this remarkable lady.

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