Thursday, May 24, 2018

Nassim Taleb's conversations with Tyler Cowen and Bryan Caplan

and Nassim Nicholas Taleb on What’s Missing in Education There are also links to 'clarifications' by Taleb and Caplan at the end.Both emphasise practice over theory. The difference seems to be
"COWEN: I would just like to interject a question. I’d like a sentence from each of you on what you is see the biggest difference between you. You agree on a lot, but let me give you my one-sentence take on what I’ve heard is the biggest difference: The extent to which you take a kind of shaped civilization for granted is different.
Bryan, you take it for granted. You don’t think formal education is so much needed to produce it. And Nassim, you’re taking it less for granted, and you still see some room for poetry, the humanities and so on, provided they’re treated the proper way and segregated from the actual doing of stuff.
Each of you give your take. That was my takeaway."
Walker there was a conversation with Tyler Cowen:
I could not understand much of this except that Taleb still likes and does mathematics.

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