Monday, May 15, 2017

Telugu readership

Where Have All the Telugu Readers Gone?
A tentative comment to keep the discussion going: coastal Andhra has not been able to keep its writers within its borders for a long time. Prosperity and lack of investment opportunities sent many to Madras first and later Hyderabad with a mixed culture(? I lived in Hyderabad from 1960-62. It was not easy to get by in Telugu. In the market, one had to know a bit of Urdu. The actor Chandrasekhar said that his Telugu was so bad that he was advised to try Bombay. ) And some of the brightest emigrated to other countries and there seems to be a trend to go abroad. Perhaps this lack of resident writers may be one of the problems.Chandralata who was mentioned n the article has sent her son to study in USA and now her daughter who is a doctor married another doctor in USA.

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