Friday, May 05, 2017

First Year experiences in America
After a B.Tech degree the girl reached USA and explains the many of the problems encountered by newcomers. Reduced to cleaning toilette and other manual jobs, she was living in a crowded house with similar people ( mentioned 17). And the place was infested with bugs and there was an inspection. All the residents were forced out for the day without their stuff since the renting was illegal. She was without water and food ( she claims, though cheerful) waiting for some Indians to help out. There are many similar stories in Australia. It is strange that people who won't these jobs back in India would do them abroad. Some of them come from wealthy families and it is not clear what makes them go abroad on such assignments. I have known women from wealthy families who came out with their husbands doing factory jobs. After some years, once wealth is accumulated, they seem to revert to old ways. Big houses and other status symbols. Among the circles I know it is world trips now. Some who cannot afford join others for these chances of a lifetime. A recent one is a plan to visit Antarctica at a cost of more than 15,000 dollars each. And planning for such trips takes various steps. Like ping to local holiday resort for planning, then group trips to buy suitable clothing for the trip. And there is the usual talk of corruption in India and I have seen some of these people indulging in false invoices in their businesses. Apparently those are just business practices similar to what some car mechanics do.
It is not clear to me what drives these. May be even the so called 'non-shared development' is driven by some global trends.

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