Saturday, May 13, 2017

Excerpts from Brian Stoddart's book on Arthur Galletti-1

A people's collector in the British Raj:Arthur Galletti

On Empire Day, May 24, 1918 "Seated near Arthur Galletti during dinner, Mrs. Fischer and Mrs. Thomson asked him to declare that he represented the King alone in these trying times, that he had no other loyalties. Was he not the King’s servant completely? Galletti replied that he served India and its people rather than the King. Scandalised, the two women and others questioned how Galletti drew the King’s pay while holding such outrageous views."

Arthur Galletti who met Vivekananda in 1900 on a ship from Rome to Bombay "Galletti thought him “exceedingly well read” but an ‘awful humbug’."

P.S. Another book by Brian Stoddart which I just finished reading:
Land, language,water & politics in Andhra: Reginal evolution in India since 1850

Apparently Galletti wrote a Telugu dictionary
Galletti' Telugu dictionary

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