Sunday, May 21, 2017

A quick introduction to algebraic topology l

TIFRsummer school courseAlgebraic Topology byM.S.Narasimhan, S.Ramanan, R.Sridharan, K.Varadarajan available online. One of the quickest introductions to the topic.


Santaraksita D said...

I gave it a quick look but with all due respect to the people involved, I don't think this is a particularly useful introduction. There's a reason modern exposition start with CW-complexes. There is no mention of important constructions like suspension etc. Moreover, is it useful to introduce homology and not talk of excision or Mayer-Vietoris? Maybe as an introduction they should have talked about the fundamental group and covering spaces instead.

I think their note on Riemann Surfaces is better.

gaddeswarup said...

I used to give similar courses and actually found the notes after I gave courses for a few years. Did you look at Dieudnne's book on the history of algebraic topology.