Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Paul Collier on

How to save capitalism from itself via Gulzar Natarajan who highlights some of the points Paul Collier on the future of capitalism-social maternalism grounded on pragmatism?
"Paul Collier  channels Jonathan Tepperman's recipe for successful national transformations from his book The Fix which chronicles ten case studies of national leaders,
eschew ideology; focus on pragmatic solutions to core problems, adjust as you go, but be as tough as is necessary.
The article is good in general, as Collier seeks to chart out a course of capitalism. He identifies "pragmatism" as the new ideology. He advocates the use of tax policies to generate growth - moving away from income-specific to context-specific taxes, that discriminates based on source of income (rents as against innovation), regulatory arbitraging (real economy versus sharing economy), resource misallocation (financial markets versus real economy), geographical privileges (cities as against suburbs and rural areas), etc. "

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