Sunday, February 26, 2017

 A new book Guge:Ages of gold
A review of David Schulman Submerged in the cosmic kingdom. Excerpt:
"Duality is our ingrained habit, antimonies and polarities the foundation of thought itself. From its earliest beginnings, Buddhism has had an empirical and skeptical streak; the Buddha is said to have told his disciples, “Don’t take my words on faith; experiment on yourselves.” But our default awareness is hardly luminous with insight; if you’re like me, you live mostly in an encompassing fog. So whaT are we to do? Will we ever taste the truth?......

So if you are wondering what it might feel like to turn yourself into Vairocana, a dense yet empty mass of light and sound, also defined as insight, that is the stuff of all reality as well as our only means of hearing and seeing what is real—you could start by opening this book."
But the book is expensive, about 60 American dollars.

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