Saturday, May 30, 2015

Some economics ideas from India

This is probably the most familiar but it seems to have started with a Britisher:
The myth of self-sufficiency of the Indian village by M.N.Srinivas and A.N. Shaw (1960 EPW)
The next about Gandhi says his ideas kept evolving and he is closer to Marx except for the methods:
Five myths about Gandhian economics by Koipillai Joseph: ""As a rule, whenever there seem to be conflicting pronouncements of Gandhi on any subject, the chronologically latest one is the idea that should be attributed to him...... He was not only a firm believer in socialism, but his socialism is of a very radical kind. He sometimes referred to himself as a foremost communist. His disagreement with the Marxists and communists was not about the end to be sought about which he had no quarrel with them but about the means to be adopted for the attainment of the goals of communism. " 
Ambedkar: the forgotten free market economist
Gadgil on Indian economics A review of the selected writings of D.R. Gadgil (1901-1971) "The economy was, for him, always in “a traverse from a traverse to a traverse.” His objective then was to indicate policy initiatives that could be effective in this process of continuing change. His scepticism about the value of theoretical models led to a focus on empirical micro pictures, which, in turn, led to an emphasis on local solutions, as reflected, for example, in his faith in the cooperative movement."

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