Saturday, May 02, 2015

Links, May 2, 2015

Indian women chase away defecators with sticks
Modi government's boost for entrepreneurship : Fill just one form to start business today
May Day: Inside Delhi's unique left wing bookstore
Wired on Telsa's new battery
What would happen if the EU opened its borders to everyone? by Chris Blattman :
"His[Michael Clemens] best guess is population would rise 10% and this would have more benefits than costs, even to lower-income EU residents."
Agriculture of the future by Susanne Dambeck :
"In its final report “Agriculture at a Crossroads”, the IAASTD (“International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development”), initiated by the World Bank and including organizations like the FAO and WHO, declared that for sufficient and sustainable food production, ecological farming methods and smallholder farms had to be promoted, not mainly GM crops or large-scale farming. Consequently, the agrochemical companies stopped cooperating with IAASTD......Most of the projected world population growth, reaching about 10 billion in 2050, will take place in sub-Saharan Africa and other developing countries. For local food production, these countries need solutions tailored to their specific needs. Many experts agree that more than one approach is required to feed the billions – but the sole focus on large monocultures of GM crops seems outdated today." 
Steve Waldman on Baltimore riots There is a name for this

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