Monday, May 18, 2015

Jogendra Nath Mandal

The Outlook article by S. Anand linked in the previous post leads to the first law minister of Pakistan Jogendranath Mandal, a follower of Ambedkar. According to Wikipedia "As leader of the Scheduled Castes, Jogendranath had made common cause with the Muslim League in their demand[citation needed] for Pakistan, hoping that the Scheduled Castes would be benefited from it and joined the first cabinet in Pakistan as the Minister of Law and Labour. He migrated to India a few years after partition after submitting his resignation to Liaquat Ali Khan, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan."
Here is a copy of Mandal's resignation letter from October 1950 to the then Prime Minister of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan. It is long but gives a glimpse of those times. It seems that Mandal too was shafted like B. Ambedkar.

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