Monday, May 04, 2015

Cuba's medical magicians

"Mora's story of physician ingenuity and self-sacrifice is repeated time and again on this Caribbean island of 11.3 million people.
While the US trade embargo imposed in 1961 has restricted life-saving equipment and medicine, it has only made medical professionals more imaginative in their work - and more determined to provide the best care possible. " from Al Jazeera.
And "While most American physicians take home six-figure salaries each year, doctors working in Cuba are paid about $30 per month.
"Our salaries are very low," Gonzalez told Al Jazeera. "When you study medicine here it's for love, not money. You become a doctor because you want to help people - that's all."
Exporting health workers
Cuba has about 69,000 doctors - 6.7 physicians for every 1,000 citizens, according to the World Bank. More than 20 percent are currently on medical missions in 66 countries."
Now that the sanctions are lifted, what will happen? The article suggests medical tourism from USA.

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