Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mixing up in the garden

and small farms. Plant with this and that" The science and folklore of companion planting:
"In Iroquois legend, three sisters — namely corn, beans and squash — are inseparable, growing and thriving together. But more than a legend, this hints at something important for growing: Science shows that planting certain crops together can yield more bountiful results and potentially keep pests at bay.
Known as “companion planting,” it’s something farmers, horticulturists and perhaps even your grandmother all do with varying degrees of success. According to Kate Garland, a horticulturalist at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, some plants just do better when planted next to each other.....
And if all else fails, next spring, try again."
I have arrived at this sort of thing; particularly the last bit.

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