Monday, March 30, 2015

My meeting with a dalit boy

from my Facebook wall :
"About two years ago, I visited a few villages in Guntur area (Veluru, Palaparru?, and along the way, we saw from a distance the famous Sowpadu) on a motorcycle. The final lap was a nearly 70 kilometre journey to Pedavadlapudi.One dalit boy rode a borrowed vehicle and after a while, the travel was tough for me and I started asking for rest breaks. During the breaks, we would chat. He just finished his B.Tech. He was looking for jobs and meanwhile doing day labor in the fields along with his parents. I suggested that it would not be so easy to find jobs and that he should inquire about specializations where the jobs are and take some coaching classes and courses in a place like Hyderabad. At another stop, he took me to a leafy campus where he studied and started telling me about the best time of his life there where he could study peacefully , learn and develop some interests. Then he suddenly told me about a brahmin girl that he met at the end of his studies. She said that she observed him during those four years, liked his ways and was wanted to marry him. But he felt that he should first alleviate the poverty of his parents before he settled down. She was one of the top students in the class and got a job immediately whereas he got the admission through reservations, struggled, just made it and found it hard to find a job. I tried to tell him that such girls are hard to find and he should keep in touch with her. He did not seem averse to the idea but seemed more concerned about his parents who were still laborers. I am still in touch with him, talk to him once in a while on the phone. He finally got a small job and now wants to pursue in spare time some of the topics he found interesting during his student days. I hope that there are relatively cheap information and advisory sites for such youngsters."

P.S. I contacted three face book friends with contacts in Bangalore where the boy is going to work from April 6. There were also enquiries about his skills. My response " His English is poor. He mumbles etc. and does not express himself very clearly. But he is sincere and will work hard. Probably too nice. He comes from a group of dalits I have been funding a bit. If he comes up he is likely to help others."
P.P.S. "I had a rural background, I lacked English communication skills (I could not speak one full sentence in English properly when I joined college) and I was a‘reservation candidate’.” 

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