Monday, March 23, 2015

Links, 23 March 2015

Shakespeare in Teheran by Stephen Greenblatt: "He seems to have folded his most subversive perceptions about his particular time and place into a much larger vision of what his characters repeatedly and urgently term their life stories. We are assigned the task of keeping these stories alive, and in doing so we might a find a way, even in difficult circumstances, to be free, honest, and open in talking about our own lives."
Israel: The Stark Truth by David Shulman
Ahmedabad lesson for: RTE success story city at IIM resource cetnre (via Madhukar Shkla)
Philip Holden on Lee Kuan Yew "There is a sense of history about his passing. He was one of the last of the generation of political leaders at the time of decolonization. People are comparing him to Mandela, Nehru, and Nkrumah. In terms of experience, if not of age, he is of the same generation as them, part of a turning point in history.
But in another sense he was not like them at all...............
Paradoxically, LKY and his team delivered the goods of development as none of the other leaders were able to. For me, this is the paradox that we live with in Singapore: we, and others throughout the "developed" world, are variously privileged by a model of economic development that has succeeded through an almost willed inhumanity, lack of humility, and lack of empathy for others."

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