Thursday, March 12, 2015

Irwin Shaw's short stories.

Long ago, I read many of his short stories and liked many of them. Now I remember only "The Eighty Yard Run" and the title of the story which  Stephen Hsu describes. From an interview with Irwin Shaw:
"I remember "The Eighty Yard Run" well but only the title of this story. Steve Hsu at 'Information Processing' reminds us about Irwin Shaw "I wrote “The Girls in Their Summer Dresses” one morning while Marian was lying in bed and reading. And I knew I had something good there, but I didn’t want her to read it, knowing that the reaction would be violent, to say the least, because it’s about a man who tells his wife that he’s going to be unfaithful to her. So I turned it facedown, and I said, “Don’t read this yet. It’s not ready.” It was the only copy I had. Then I went out and took a walk, had a drink, and came back. She was raging around the room. She said, “It’s a lucky thing you came back just now, because I was going to open the window and throw it out.” Since then she’s become reconciled to it, and I think she reads it with pleasure, too." 
He also gave a link to the story which I read again after a long time.

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