Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fernando Ibarra

"In rural, northern Argentina, profound economic isolation and severe environmental conditions are the order of the day. It is a region of the country called 'The Impenetrable' where there are few resources and fewer opportunities to change the day-to-day grind of rugged circumstances and disenfranchisement.
For Fernando Ibarra, an engineer and starry-eyed inventor, the region is his own personal laboratory, and this hardscrabble reality presents a fresh challenge - a place to develop and test drive solutions for almost every situation.
This film is a journey that takes us into this world. The story unfolds as Fernando travels through the region, in his funky 1947 truck named "Gasogene", identifying both the projects he hopes to take on and the people he can work with to develop long-term solutions to local problems.
Fernando's goal is not to be a "visiting angel" but to develop a core group of locally based leaders that can contribute to solving their own issues using sustainable and available resources.
He is committed to infusing the next generation with a passion for respecting resources and encouraging them to build home "grown" projects that they can develop, manage and operate themselves. " from Al Jazeera Viewfinder. The video can also be viewd on YouTube

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