Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Criminals in politics: India

Apparently a collection of articles compiled for the excellence of their content.
From one
"Rs.1.37cr: Average assets of 62,847 candidates who have contested MP and MLA elections since 2004
Rs.3.83cr: Average assets of victorious candidates
Rs.4.30 cr: Average wealth of MPs and MLAs who face criminal charges
4.38 cr: Average wealth of legislators facing serious charges like murder, kidnapping & rape
18%: Number of candidates facing criminal cases
8%: Number of candidates facing serious criminal cases"
From another article in TOI, the percentages seem to be higher for parliament candidates(may be there is some difference about the classification of serious crimes):
"Data provided by these politicos in their election affidavits show that 30% have criminal cases pending against them and 14% are fighting cases that fall under serious criminal offences, most with potential sentences of over five years. We aren’t talking here of any minor crimes, these MPs are accused of murder, rape, forgery, inciting hate and dubious deals: fraud and cheating."
And more detailed information party wise, state wise rtv.

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priyanka said...

It's not a new thing that criminals are in politics.But thing is that our system supports this things and we have to choose as our leader among these criminals. We have to rise our voice to make a change and to get a clean politic.
Aam Aadmi Party Odisha