Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another forgotten Telugu writer, Sarada Natarajan

I was reminded about him by Sri P.P.C.Joshi when I inquired about Ravuri Bharadhwaja. It seems rhat both are seventh graders and were in Tenali around the same time. sarada seems to be his pen name. He was a Tamilian by birth and came to Tenali with his father when he was twelve. He worked as a waiter and wrote on scrapsof paper since he could not afford to buy paper and died at the age of 32. From Trends of Realism in the Telugu Novel "The novels Manchi-Chedu (Good and Evil) and Apasvaraalu (Discordant Notes) written by a hotel-server, Natarajan, under the pen-name of “Sarada” describe graphically the seamy side or urban life and the distress and misery of the lower middle-class and the have-nots especially of the women-folk among them, ruthlessly exploited in individual and family relationships. The perspective is neither psychological nor sociological; there is no “hierarchy of significance”; it is just detached observation, and does not offer either consolations or conclusions. What was said of Flaubert, the great name in Realism, applies here: “He rejected utopianism with a gesture of ascetic defiance–he viewed his age without hope, but also without fear”.8 And the most notable thing was he shed no tears! "
More about him in Telugu in the blog karpuramanjari


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dear friend i will be indebted if you can direct me about the great
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