Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Amir Anzur on YouTube

from An open letter to unblock You Tube in Pakistan
"I told the Pathan that he could use the computer to do the work himself and save the company a lot of money.
“The computer is not for me. I am an uneducated man from Waziristan,” was his reply. He had tried to take computer courses near the office but the timings never suited him so he had given up on computers.
I told him the Internet was for everyone and went on to YouTube and typed “Excel tutorial Pushto”. And up came a bunch of videos that explained how to use Microsoft Excel in his own native language.
From then he was hooked. He had discovered that he could learn almost anything in his own language from his own home, at his own time for free.  A few weeks later, he had created an email account and had started creating the company invoices himself and saved his company a significant amount of money by increasing his own productivity."

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