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Snehprabha Pradhan remembered

Another star with an interesting life The article also includes a famous song-dance by her from the 1940 film Puran Milan. Several pieces by a British soldier Edward Sparkes who was friends with her are available on the net. It seems that he wrote some things about India on the ship while coming to India and a juxtaposition of pictures was found objectionable by Indians and there was a protest in which one of the leaders was K.A. Abbas. Abbas accepted Sparkes' explanations about the juxtaposition and actually liked some of what Sparkes wrote and invited him to visit him. That is how he got to know Snehprabha who became an interesting part of his life until after a few years after the war. Sparkes also has stories about Ram Gopal. General Thimmayya and some of the theatres of war. I have not looked for independent confirmation of these stories but at least some of it rings true. Every section of has a link to the contents and one can go back and forth. I mainly read the sections about Snehprabha and Ram Gopal.
From what I can gather, Snehprabha Pradhan (1920-1993) had an eventful and full life. She was the daughter of social workers (the father married her mother who was a widow and much younger than him). She entered films to help the family. After some success in Hindi and Marathi films and a colourful life ( apparently, she was one of Dev Anand's dream girls) she married and more or less disappeared. This information is from the above link in Cineplot and one of the comments  in
There are also more posts of her songs like
I remember reading somewhere, but cannot find the link now, that after marriage she reentered Marathi stage and was too busy and did not have the time or inclination to struggle back into Hindi films. Like Kanan Devi she seems to have spent the last decades of her life in social work. Probably much more information will be available in Marathi publications. Altogether, it seems to be an exciting and rewarding life. I will end with a link to the famous song-dance which appeared in several sites

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