Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Links July 24, 2012

To preserve competetion, nationalize the largest ones from NY Times
Wealth does not tricle down... from The Guardian about the $2 trillion dollars or so stashed offshore by the rich with a graphic on the off shore destinations and loosers. Surprisingly India is not in the list of top 20 loosers. But India figures in the next
Why India is so bad for women?
See also Captain Lakshmi Dahgal: A Life of Struggle :Freedom comes in three forms,” the diminutive doctor goes on to say on camera in her unadorned and direct manner. “The first is political emancipation from the conqueror, the second is economic [emancipation] and the third is social… India has only achieved the first.”

May be the last post for now by Carl Zimmer on Chromosome fusion in humans http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/loom/2012/07/23/and-finally-the-hounding-duck-can-rest/
A nice article on the real value of Higgs Boson
And Noisy sex may mean death for some flies
Finally Choking dog saves its own life by dialling 999 (via Naked Capitalism)
P.S. Data for developing world about secret offshore wealth

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