Sunday, July 01, 2012

Links, July 1, 2012

Discussion of Jonah Lehrer transgressions Perhaps Jonah saw success too young and too early and may be this is a way of challenging himself.

Rajiv Sethi on 'Fighting over claims" and Paine for once comments more or less  in prose "super sir superb".
Rio+20 report 'longest suicide note in history' (via Ed Yong Sunday links)
How global mining corporations undermine democracy from Triple Crisis
Excerpts from 'Dylan Grice - The tyranny of targets: process, outcome and the complexity of it all"  in one excerpt "But I’d argue that for even mildly complex systems, any outcome is the wrong thing to target. As we just saw, targeting one outcome of such a process changes that process, and changing the process subsequently changes all the other outcomes. In any kind of complex system where the underlying outcome generating processes aren’t well understood – whether a company, or a society – the effects of changing the process won’t be well understood either. Unintended consequences must ensue." The full article may be available in a few weeks for non-subscribers.
Finally a recent review of one my favourite Telugu movies from Cinema Chaat Devadasu (1953). Recently I watched a few Telugu movies mentioned in and enjoyed them. Then I watched a couple of Telugu movies famous for their songs 'Anarkali' and 'Suvarna Sundari' and found them terrible except for the songs. But in Devadasu I liked both the songs and the film. Surprisingly Vedantam Raghavaiah directed all the three films.

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