Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dilip D'Souza wins an award

Dilip who was one of the people behind the defunct blog 'The Other Half'' (that is where I got to know about him) who blogs at Death Ends Fun, who trained as a computer scientist, son of a famous bureaucrat, a writer , journalist and above all a man who loves India has won a prize
I do not think that it is any measure of him but I am pleased because he seems pleased; at least pleased enough to send the news to people on his mailing list. I do not know him, my only contact with him through comments in the above two blogs. He writes very well sometimes, but seems to waste his time by getting into seemingly silly discussions in blogs.  Perhaps the reason is that he loves India and cannot see how other Indians can be so narrow minded. Despite such waste of time, I think that he produced a body of work : mainly his reports on the underpriviliged in India ( information his blog), and some of his travel writing which will last. He is still young (at least younger than me) and I hope that he will continue his good work for a long time and will not waste too much time on his blog.

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