Thursday, May 03, 2012

Leela Naidu about the poverty concerns of some

While reading about Balraj Sahni, I came across the "How is your dear wife?" story with Leela Naidu. She seemed an interesting person and I started looking for articles about her and came across something that I have been wondering about myself. From The Many Lives of Leela Naidu: "I must say I admire the way Arundhati has turned her status as celebrity author into a catalyst for the causes she cares about, but there was very little of the caring Ms Roy on the set of Electric Moon." Leela proceeds to describe in detail the utter mismanagement of the schedule, concluding with, "And so when I watch her pleading for the disenfranchised and the marginalised, I think back to the ruthless Ms Roy on that sun-drenched plateau in Madhya Pradesh and I wonder whether it is easier for us to sympathise with anonymous masses than with the actual people we are confronted with in real life? The poor are an abstraction for whom we can all feel an ambiguous benevolence… Perhaps I am misjudging all of them but I often feel that a production house can be judged by the way it treats those who have no voice: the extras, the dancers and the animals." She desrved a better end than this. .

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