Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More education links

A friend from USA responds to Sugata Mitra posts: "In the U.S. education reform is a code name for abolishing public education (which is after all a socialist enterprise). This is likely to have something to do with why Mitra would be welcome to TED, but it says nothing at all about his ideas - some good ideas are certainly needed as a smokescreen for bad ones." I was thinking of Mitra's ideas as a supplement in places where the infrastructure is poor and teacher absenteeism high.
related is a recent discussion on "unschooling" http://jacobinmag.com/spring-2012/the-case-for-cinderblocks/ where Megan Erickson remarks "Dana Goldstein has already written at length about the economic infeasibility of unschooling as a national philosophy for education, and Taylor has responded that her essay is not meant to be prescriptive, but instructive." I think that Astra Taylor's response is worth looking at; her original article is now available only at Kindle. I myself had lot of problems with the rigidity of university educations and I hope that ideas such as Mitra's may help to slowly transform education while supplementing it for now.


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