Friday, January 20, 2012

My first kinige book

I finally bought వేలుపిళ్లై by C. Ramachandra Rao through I heard of C. Ramachandra Rao as a tennis player during my college days and was surprised by his excellent stories later on. A review by Jampala Chowdary here'
Kinige started about an year ago by Kiran Kumar Chava and friends. I believe Kiran and his wife gave up lucrative jobs for what seemed a risky venture and seem to be doing fine now and it seems very useful for Telugu enthusiasts living abroad. Ipad Users require Blue Fire Reader


BhuvanRadha Emmandi said...

hello sir,
I am trying to buy a book from kinige for my father. once we buy the book from the website, what format is the downloaded file?Is this printable? My father does not prefer soft version, hence I am looking options for printing the book. Please reply.
Thank you for your time in advance.

gaddeswarup said...

I do not think that it is possible. You may have to order a hard copy.