Friday, January 13, 2012

Kisine Apna Bana Ke Mujhko

from Patita

Video version Kisine Apna Bana Ke Mujhko
Plain versionKisine Apna Bana Ke Mujhko

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Anonymous said...

KISINE and the MOB and RICK!
I wonder if KISS got out of grade TWO?
The point is, tey're all with DONSUPPE and SUMMER in the CARTER FOUNDATION and they're with GILLES the JUDGE becuase GILLES a FLUNKIE, TOO!
Sure he is.
He not only can't kiss a woman and feel it, he can't kiss a MAN!
At least, not unless it's with SLYMSO and HOSYMCA .
CONYMAN to SOMATIDS, that gig is up and that 's a FERSHIPP that's really rocking PHOCKST.