Thursday, November 24, 2011

An early Vijayantimala dance

After starting on Minai's Cinema Nritya Gharana and Dances on the Footpath, I have been wtching more dance-songs than usual. Here is one I recently watched by Vijatantimala Pyar Ki Bahar Leke Dil Ka Karar Leke BAHAR (1951). I think that the singer is Shamshad Begum and Padmini appears towards the wnd of the dance. It is from Bahar 195i, a remake of (possibly with quite a few changes) of Vazhkai / Jeevitham. I am not sure whether the dance is in the Tamil or Telugu versions; I saw Jeevitham long ago but remember only a few of the songs. Watching dances seem to be due to the exposure to the above blogs. P.S. The link for the dance is not working but it is available at other places like Richard points out in the comments below that the second dancer too is Vi(y)jayantimala.

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Richard S. said...

Been meaning to get back to this post for a while... I don't think Padmini ever appears in this film. Strangely, "Padmini" was the name used in the credits for Pandari Bai. I think the "other dancer" near the end is just a double image of Vyjayanthimala, in drag.