Monday, July 18, 2011

Telugu On-line Dictionaries Project

I am enclosing part of message from Sri Jampala Chowdary in 'racchabanda' Telugu On-line Dictionaries Project (I have been interested in this sort of projects for a while and an old friend Sri P.P.C.Joshi has kindly allowed one of the dictioaries that he published to be put online and I am planning to contribute to this project too):

"you are probably aware of the efforts of Sri
Vadapalli Seshatalpa Sai and Sri Kalepu Nagabhushanarao in making available
searchable on-line Telugu dictionaries at Already the
following eight dictionaries have been brought on line: #Sabdaratnaakaramu
(bahujanapalli); brauNya te-iM (2nd Ed.); braun^ iM-te; aadhunika
vyavahaarakOSaM; urdoo-telugu; SaMkaranaaraayaNa te-iM; SaMkaranaaraayaNa
iM-te; Sreehari nighaMTuvu # [శబ్దరత్నాకరము
(బహుజనపల్లి); బ్రౌణ్య తె-ఇం
(2nd Ed.); బ్రౌన్ ఇం-తె; ఆధునిక
వ్యవహారకోశం; ఉర్దూ-తెలుగు;
శంకరనారాయణ తె-ఇం;
శంకరనారాయణ ఇం-తె; శ్రీహరి

Efforts are underway to bring more dictionaries on-line in a searchable
format. These include: #telugu paryaayapada nighaMTuvu;
SabdaarthachaMdrika: saMgeetaSabdaarthachaMdrika; puraaNanaamachaMdrika;
telugu nighaMTuvu - vidyaarthulaku (saa.a.); saMskRta-telugu (vaaviLla);
sooryaraayaaMdhra nighaMTuvu (6 volumes); aaMdhravaachaspatyamu;
aaMdhraSabdaratnaakaramu (3 volumes); telugu vyutpatti kOSaM (8 volumes);
vaaviLla nighaMTuvu (4 volumes); Sabdaartha deepika; maaMDalika
vRttipadakOSamulu (9 volumes); brauNya te-iM (1st Ed.); padabaMdha
paarijaatamu (2 volumes); kriyaasvaroopa maNideepika; maaMDalika padakOSamu
(saa.a); maaMDalika padakOSamu (te.a.) # [తెలుగు
పర్యాయపద నిఘంటువు;
పురాణనామచంద్రిక; తెలుగు
నిఘంటువు -
విద్యార్థులకు (సా.అ.);
సంస్కృత-తెలుగు (వావిళ్ల);
సూర్యరాయాంధ్ర నిఘంటువు
(6 volumes); ఆంధ్రవాచస్పత్యము;
ఆంధ్రశబ్దరత్నాకరము (3 volumes);
వ్యుత్పత్తి కోశం (8 volumes);
వావిళ్ల నిఘంటువు (4 volumes);
శబ్దార్థ దీపిక;
మాండలిక వృత్తిపదకోశములు (9 volumes);
బ్రౌణ్య తె-ఇం (1st Ed.); పదబంధ
పారిజాతము (2 volumes); క్రియాస్వరూప
మణిదీపిక; మాండలిక పదకోశము
మాండలిక పదకోశము (తె.అ.)]

Work has already begun on these volumes after obtaining necessary
authorizations and permissions from copyright holders, with more than 15,000
pages already typed and being proof-read; work is continuing on another
25,000 pages of material.

This is a monumental effort requiring a lot of resources. We estimate that
this project may cost more than $20,000 before it is completed.

Telugu Association of North America is pleased to support this very
important Telugu language project. You can support this project by
contributing to TANA Telugu On-line Dictionaries Project.

Please Donate Today. Checks can be written in the name of TANA and mailed to
V. Chowdary Jampala, Chairperson, TANA Publications Committee, 20374
Buckthorn Ct, Mundelein, IL 60060. You can also donate with a credit card
at (please mention the Dictionary Project in
the comments section). Please contact cjampala@... if you need more

Donations to TANA are tax-deductible in US.

Regards -- V Chowdary Jampala, Chair, TANA Publications Committee

PS: This project is both important and resource incentive. I am hoping that
you can make a generous donation to this worthy cause."

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