Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cultural habits

I am seventy now of which I have spent first forty years in India and the last twenty three in Australia. Of the countries where I lived I find Australia the most livable (there was and still is a bit of racism but it is no worse than caste stuff in India). I retired five years ago and when I applied for a health card, I found that I can actually get some money from the government since my income was low. There were other benefits as well. I found that for taking care of grand children, one could get some money from the government. Eventhough we have been doing it for the past five years to two to three days a week, I could never bring myself to do that. Looking after grandchildren has been a pleasure and it is something that one does automatically in India. Perhaps the money might have helped for some of the charities that I have been contributing to. But since the governement has been so good with medicare and other benefits (Some extras for the retired), there does nor seem to be any harm in letting the government to keep some of that money.

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