Sunday, September 28, 2008

Interesting Telugu blogs-1

At one time, I felt that there should be at least that much development in regional languages to communicate everyday matters that we come across in newspapers. But being away from A.P. for 40-50 years, I did not really have the know-how or vacabularly to write in Telugu. I found one dictionary by Baudaraju Radhakrishna written for journalists which I thought would be useful to overseas Telugus. I have been trying to make it available on the internet and it may be available in a few months. Meanwhile, there has been an explosion of Telugu blogs and many of them are writing in Telugu on matters that I thought would be difficult to write. I think that these blogs will help communicating in Telugu on many matters at least up to a certain level of difficulty. I have been visiting Telugu blogs off and on and will slowly point out blogs which I think are communicating relatively difficult(for me) and useful topics in Telugu. Here is one కలగూరగంప . I particularly enjoyed the posts in తొంగి చూసే చరిత్ర series. The blog has a useful list of Telugu equivalents of many English words. The author has several blogs and I vaguely remember than in one of them, he expresses strong beliefs. So, agnostics like may have to be careful.

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