Saturday, March 08, 2008

Some old telugu songs

On a recent trip to Andhra, I acquired some old telugu songs through some kind acquintances. I do not remember many of them or their background (year, lyricist, private or film song etc). I like most of the songs as well as the lyrics and it would be nice to know more about them. But the purpose here is to bring to the attention of other Telugus some old songs which seem nice to me. Some of these may be available in the standard sites. Here is a first list.
'Pasidi merugungula thalathalalu' by P.Bhanumati and B.Rajanikantharao
'ekkevura' by B.Rajanikantharao(sounds like a bhatiyali)
"Dorikenamma vennadonga' by Chittaranjan
"Chaligaali veechindi' by Videhi (sounds like Rao Balasaraswati Devi}
"Evaru Thandri' by A.V.Savithi
'Oopare oopai vuyyala' by H.Hemavathi
'Adunu dachina vayasulo' by M.S. Ramarao
'Chekku chedarani paapa' by M.S. Ramarao
'Cheli talupu muyagane' by M.S. Ramarao
'Eteru ninu cheredo' by M.S. Ramarao
'Nalo korkelu intele' by M.S. Ramarao
'Ninnakkada nedikkada' by M.S. Ramarao
'Pongeti chandana'by M.S. Ramarao
'thandanan bhala thandanana' by M.S. Ramarao
'ee samudra thatana' by M.S. Ramarao

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