Thursday, May 17, 2007

From on GM crops

I am travelling now and have not read these. Here is a message from
"Dear colleagues

How can farmers and food traders in the developing world ensure that GM
and conventional crop systems coexist successfully?

Read SciDev.Net's peer-reviewed policy brief by Eliana Fontes, project
leader at Embrapa — the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation —
for an authoritative overview of the issues:

A healthy mix: strategies for GM & non-GM crop coexistence

Successful coexistence strategies are important to address concerns
about GM crops causing health risks or environmental harm. To read more
about coexistence and why it matters in the developing world visit:

Online agri-biotechnology resource
For more information on GM and non-GM advances in agricultural
biotechnology visit our online dossier:

Please pass this information to friends and colleagues who will find it
a valuable resource."