Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The colony of cooks-5

As mentioned before, I quit the colony around 2007 leaving the Short Stay Home in charge of the people of the colony and a new leadership grew which was not to the best interests of the colony. Some of them tried to sell of the land on which the Short Stay Home was built and when they did not succeed, they tried to built a temple on part of it. Over years, I had to make efforts to get hold of the land and succeeded. Meanwhile, the old home which was sturdy was demolished. It remains to build a good house useful for the public but meanwhile I am busy running Swadhar Greh with nobody willing to take charge of it. Apparently women with family problems who have shown some independence is not a popular theme and we  get very little funding outside the government sources. The funds usually come late and we have to take loans, sometimes at high interest, to run the home. This and the counselling centre take most of my time these days.
Meanwhile, the municipality decided to appeal in the A.P. High Court, the decision of the Zilla Court in our favour ( we have entered the case as a third party and have been funding the proceedings). This meant that a new and somewhat expensive lawyer had to be hired in Hyderabad. Now the new leadership of the colony was not of much help and I was approached to raise funds etc. for the proceedings. The case is still going on. Perhaps it was routine to appeal and we are expected to win after the previous two decisions in our favour and the colony established for more than two decades. But the case goes on, perhaps due to the lack of enough judges in the High Court, and money has to be raised to help with the proceedings.

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