Thursday, October 05, 2017

Tariq Thachil on indian politics

Tammany Hall in India, the Rise of Machine Politics: A Conversation with Tariq Thachil
He says “Increasingly, it is popular as a site where one can field large-scale randomized interventions cheaply, but many of these studies have little interest in advancing specific knowledge about how politics in India works. So vital questions of local everyday politics—the kind routinely studied regarding US politics—are often difficult sells within the American academy. The result is that most Indians find the questions that US-based scholars ask about India to be frankly uninteresting. Doing work that is publishable in the US, but that is actually of interest to India—bridging that divide has been one of the biggest challenges I have faced. Most work within my discipline is only able to do one or the other. It’s a challenge, it’s exciting, but it’s also frustrating.” and then goes on two discuss two topics of his research. They are discussed in more detail in
The social service wings of RSS played a big role in BJP's rise to power: Yale professor
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