Monday, August 14, 2017

The latest from Neville Maxwell on India-China border disputes

This is India's China war, round two
More about Neville Maxwell:"Shekhar Gupta, editor-in-chief of The Indian Express, who said he had been brainwashed into detesting Maxwell as an India-hater, praised Maxwell as a "relentless journalist and scholar"." I think his book India's China war is banned in India but may be abaialable free online. I suspect that the border problem is mainly due to Nehru's blunders and Neville Maxwell's analysis may be better than most. But I have not read him recently.

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The eternal optimist said...

Neville Maxwell sees everything from a political and administrative perspective, not a human or philosophical one. That's why he's obsessed with the whole "boundary" issue, and of course he blames India. Maxwell was also against India in the 1971 war which resulted in the creation of Bangladesh, and he approvingly quoted some silly, desultory remark by a Chinese spokesman about India inheriting the British empire. The Tibetan people never figure in any of Maxwell's pontifications and finger wagging, it's all about a fellow named McMahon and who was more obdurate. Human beings don't figure in the equation. That's a sure mark of a colonialist. Maxwell resents India for freeing itself from British colonialism, and his diatribes are a way of getting back at India, by hiding behind the Chinese leadership and propaganda.