Wednesday, August 09, 2017

More about my father

Somebody wrote to me saying that he is writing history of Repalle and he wants photographs of my father. I did not get along well with my father but I remember that he loved the poetry of Gurram Jashuva. Once we went to Ponnuru together for Jashua's kanakabhishekam, I remember Joshua riding an elephant. I even stole Jashua's khandakavyam from my father in which smasanasthali is one of my favourite poems. During the last years of his life, his house ( which was named after Gurram Jashuva) was rented to Dalit students and my brother tells me that it was eventually given to Dalits. Perhaps my interest in Dalits and appreciation of Jashuva are inherited from him. Here is a post I wrote about him ten years ago which I posted earlier.
Remembering my father

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