Thursday, August 03, 2017

Meena Kumari singing for herself in 1947

Songs of Yore post
Another song attributed to Meena Kumari
This Telugu song from Missamma is imilar

This information about her is also new to me  "Also new to me from the Wikipedia article on her "Meena Kumari's grandmother, Hem Sundari Thakur (Tagore) was the daughter of Rabindranath Tagore's younger brother.[19] After she became a widow at an early age, her own family along with her in-laws compelled her to give up all her rights to their family name and property.[20] Consequently, she embraced Christianity, left for Meerut, became a nurse, and married an Urdu journalist named Pyare Lal Shankar Meeruti, who was a Christian.[19] Hem Sundari had two daughters; one of these was Prabhawati(Iqbal Begum), Meena Kumari's mother.[19]" from

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