Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Indian Express on Gidla Sujatha's book

Ant to elephant, Andhra to New York, writer maps caste "“I still feel caste and it is like an un-get-rid-offable stench when I am visiting India, beginning at the check-in line at the airport.Our experience has been that whenever we have thought we have plumbed the depths of casteism, we find that it is even deeper,” 
The article does ot mention much about her mother Manjula whose story, her relations with her husband apart from caste oppression is a powerful part of the book. Her uncle is sometimes mentioned along with Kalekuri Prasad "Like the eminent Dalit revolutionary thinker K. G. Satyamurthy, who was one of the founders of the People’s War Group, Kalekuri Prasad too was a guile-less individual who never hid anything. There are many other similarities between them; to be honest, neither had any personal life of their own. They were both two great common men who were totally dedicated to society."
Perhaps, the unpublished writings of both of them will come out some day.

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