Friday, July 28, 2017

Why Sujatha Gidla's book may not be popular with elites

The scene is still dominated by upper castes and I have seen very few posts by them on Karamchedu or Tsudur massacres or the legal proceedings afterwards. Moreover Sujatha will alienate some hardcore Marxists by statement such as this " I still look forward to a day when there are no poor people in the world, and I agree with my uncle that it will take a revolution to achieve this. But I disagree with the programs and tactics he espoused both before his expulsion and afterward, including his different views on the strategic role of the struggle against caste oppression." Moreover those who talk about nuanced writing may have objections to her style and presentations. All I all, I think that the prospects are not good for the success of Memories of an ‘untouchable’ New York subway staffer
The book at google com Ants among elephants
One of the best reviews so far 

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