Monday, July 17, 2017

Some news from India

This is Not Faking News: Astrologers to 'Diagnose' Patients in MP Hospital
Priests dupe MLA of Rs 50 lakh promising minister post "It is learnt that the priests were introduced to the MLA by his relative, who had earlier approached the men for special prayers seeking an offspring. The priests had performed pooja and given him some herbs. After some time, he had been blessed with a child."
Four Sanitation Workers Die Of Asphyxiation While Cleaning Septic Tank In DelhiNEW
39 dead in 100 days while cleaning sewers: Bezwada Wilson
Mahagun Moderne residents move to ban Bengali, Odiya help; 13 slum-dwellers arrested "She says the general attitude is that these people deserve it, for daring to break into a gated society. “'Kaam bandh ho jayega, pet pe laath padega toh they'll understand what it is to protest against us' is what they think.” (When they stop getting work and go hungry...)"

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