Sunday, July 30, 2017

Signs of old age

Remembering incidents from long ago. It was around 1974, I think. An old man with his daughter in law and a two month old baby came to Bombay to send her to join his son in West Indies. It was going to be long flight with change of flights in London and a wait of some hours. The lady could not speak English and I got in to panic about her stop in London after putting her on the flight. Them I remembered my stay in Liverpool and that there were several Indian doctors in the Liverpool Infirmary. Though I did not know anybody there I was sure there would be some Reddy and Rao. I phoned the Infirmary saying that I wanted to speak to Dr. Reddy. And one Dr. Reddy came along and when I explained the situation to him, he told me not to worry and he had friends in London and would send them to the airport to assist her. We waited anxiously hear from the lady and did not even get a post card from her her family in India. Nor did I phone Dr. Reddy again. Several years later when I met her relatives in Hyderabad, I heard that she reached safely.

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