Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Sarat Chandra's Devdas

AK of Songs of Yore has a very nice post One hundred years of Sarat Chandra's 'Devdas' and the ensuing discussion about Sarat's other novels, reactions to Devdas from Indians of different backgrounds. Here is a review of the 1953 Telugu film version Devadasu by two young white women from Melbourne, they seem to have got interested in Indian films by working in some films made in Melbourne Devadasu (1953).
According to the Wikipedia page on Sarat
"He remains the most popular, most translated, most adapted, and most plagiarized Indian author of all time."
There is also lot of academic literature and a few theses on his work. He has written sympathetically about the poor of all creeds but a a speech in his later life caused controversy Sarat Chandra Chatterjee and communalism: a buried chapter.

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