Sunday, July 02, 2017

Rahul Banerjee on solar power service problems in remote places

Solar power blues
 I have seen similar problems with Wifi  in a school he has been helping in Kakrana. These places are lucky to have his help. He is IIT Khargapur graduate and an activist for about 30 years. Apart from theoretical readings, he has developed a lot of practical expertise including legal problems and is a great source of help for Bhils in Alirajpur District. There are many more posts about his work in this blog. He is too busy with his work to develop a website for all his activities. Generally he gets about 10-12 laks of rupees an Year  funding from public for these activities and makes his living by writing reports for UN on sewage, water problems and such. Some of his work can be gleaned from the blog linked above.

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