Thursday, July 06, 2017

Perala Ratnam, Kamala Ratnam

I picked some books edited by Perala Ratnam from our university library, these are about Indian culture in honour of Raghuvira from 1974. Three of those had articles by Kamala Ratnam. It was clear from the articles that she was the diplomat' wife and a scholar herself. A search with her name led to this article about er friendship with the Assamese author Indira Goswami. Though Perala is misspelt, it seems that he passed away in 1988. Indira Goswami's biography of Kamala Ratnam was published under the name 'Mahiyashi Kamala'. The biography probably appeared around 1995. Through people who know Assamese, it may be possible to get more details of the lives of Perala and Kamala Ratnam.
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