Sunday, July 09, 2017

Justice after 30 years

ఓ మహిళ 30 ఏళ్ల పోరాటానికి న్యాయమూర్తి పాదాభివందనం
One Vruddula Parvateesam was dismissed from his job in 1982, goes to court and wins in 1986. However, he did not get the monetary benefits like pension despite repeated appeals and died in 2004. His wife Rajeswari appealed in 2006 for her part of the pension without any results until this year. Finally this year it comes to the notice of the District Magistrate of Visakhapatnam P.V. Jyothirmayi. She ensured that the victim who is 86 now received a cheque for 200,000 rupees ( about 4,000 Australian dollars). This was done in a public meeting,and moreover the magistrate touched the feet of the victim as a mark of respect.

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